conroe Music Teachers Association

​​​​​​​Founded in 1992 with the mission to raise and enrich the quality of music in the Montgomery County Area; CMTA was recently named 'Best of State' for a fourth time since the formation of the award in 2006. For over 25 years, Conroe Music Teachers Association has guided and educated our communities' young musicians. As a result, many of our students and members have received local and state awards recognizing their commitment and dedication. 

​Our teachers are located throughout Montgomery County and North Houston. Many of our members are current or past officers, directors, coordinators or chairs for the Music Teachers National Association or the Texas Music Teachers Association. Several teachers have been recognized with coveted awards including: MTNA Foundation Fellow, TMTA Distinguished Teacher, and TMTA Teacher of the Year from these organizations. 


1992-1994 Doris Lum

1994-1996 Sharon Callahan

1996-1998 Nancy Hall

1998–2000 Laurie Keyser

2000-2004 Diane Delk

2004-2006 Doris Lum

2006-2008 Rebecca Landreth

2008-2010 Alecia Russell

2010-2011 Sharon Callahan

2011-2013 Stephanie Teed

2013-2015 Polly Beaver

2015-2017 Sheryl Speelman

2017-2019 Alecia Russell

2019-2021 Nancy Hall

2021-2023 Jennifer Ott



1994 Doris Lum

1995 Sharon Callahan

1996 Nancy Hall

1997 Judy Collins

1998 King Lewis

1999 Laurie Keyser

2000 Betty Clampitt

2001 Diane Delk

2002 Diane Kaldor

2003 Doris Lum

2004 Stephanie Teed

2005 Rebecca Landreth

2006 Don Harris

2007 Rebecca Landreth

2008 Diane Kaldor

2009 Rebecca Landreth

2010 Alecia Russell

2011 Sharon Callahan

2012 Stephanie Teed

2013 Nadine Wilkinson

2014 Rebecca Landreth

2015 Sharon Callahan & Kathleen Gray

2016 Sheryl Speelman

2017 Alecia Russell

2018 Rachael Barlow

2019 Polly Beaver 

2020 Jennifer Ott

2021 Nancy Hall and Piper Ward

2022 Jennifer Ott

2023 Rebecca Landreth